Friday, October 3, 2014


Have you ever wondered or ever had a conversation the like of this?

"Sayang, You sayang I tak?"

"Hmmm. You sayang I?"

"You think?"

"I do"

"But why?"

"Kenapa? Kena ada sebab ke kenapa I sayang you?"

*dalam hati - nak kena ada checklist ka?*

*Do you have one?*

Personally I never have one. Perhaps that explains why I can not hold a relationship for that long anyway. Sebab tak fokus. Sebab tak tahu apa sebenarnya diri sendiri suka atau tak. Always bagi peluang for myself to simply know others before I decide what kind of friendship it'll be. 

Tapi tak rasa superficial ke kalau ada checklist and all? I am not perfect, then why should I impose perfection on others.

Kalau tak tick the boxes then tak payah consider?


I personally felt that matters of the heart is complicated. Its easier to explain law of gravity or talk about the solar system than explain the way you feel for a person. But then should I have a reason on why I am in love with a person, I would say simply because.....

"you listen"

*when I talk. And I talk a lot*

"because I like it when you smile" 

*eventhough sometimes you look like you are trying too hard to do so....smiling is not something naturally tattoed on your face*

"because you make me laugh"

*and yes, your jokes are not lame, even when you classify it as a stupid joke"

"because you laugh at my lame jokes too"

*because I am an accountant and my jokes are usually not that funny*

"because unknowingly, you gave me what I needed....not what I wanted"

Okay zuraida....dah deep sangat tu. Susah nak explain nanti.


Maybe I will never find the best words to explain the why. I merely hope the fact that I do love means a greater deal.

*Its Friday - for funs sake lets crack the DVD and play 10 Things I Hate About You on repeat*

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