Thursday, October 2, 2014


Days had been rainy lately.

It rained during the day. It rained at night.

Makes the night colder. Longer. 

At some point the cool weather is welcoming. After months of haze and draught, the rain is a breath of  fresh air. Who wouldn't want to be under the covers and simply slip into dreamland in such coolness and stillness?

The rain and the cool weather made the mornings seems longer too. Its kinda hard to part ways with my bed - the plush pillows and soft duvet seems to keep calling my name back to its embrace. Hence, saying goodbye to morning yoga practices.


How I wish I am more disciplined.

Alas its already October. Should not give up just yet.

Its been about 3 months or so since I have been seriously practicing and I am starting to slip. My other commitments -work, study, personal - seems to be pulling me into a different routine alltogether this past couple of weeks , putting me about 3 weeks behind my standard 4 day a week practice. But then I tried to do self practice at home ; I still manage to muster enough energy to push myself on the mat for about an hour or so till my body gave in and my core trembles - but then I have to admit that its not as fun as having other to cheer you on bakasana and headstand.

*vain much? agakla*

But then my cart wheels are getting better. And I think I am working on my fear of falling as well, so I get up to a headstand with less difficulty. Of course, I am still dependant to the wall but then thats like better than nothing no?

Have plans to go back to the studio on saturday before the long Hari Raya Haji break. 

God please give me strength. And motivation. And the courage to part ways to my oh-so-dreamy-bed.


Its raining outside. Heavily.

Hopefully the traffic wouldn't be a nightmare.

Just saying.

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