Monday, November 10, 2014

Me and the day I browsed through my picasa web album

Do you know that all the photos posted in blogger blog post goes straight to your picasa web album? And that from time to time, should you decide to share,edit, tag, comment or delete those photos - you can do it via picasa web album?

I always knew it is there. But there was never a need to edit the photos I posted till recently. Almaklumlah - these days people tend to google other people at the very moment something piques their interest and a few friends of mine brought about a couple of photos that were posted about 7 to 8 years ago in my blog. 

Personally, I don't even care about those photos. So when it came about I said takpe - I can always remove them.

Anyways - I got almost 2000 photos posted over the past 7 years. From favourite food, to vacays, to outings with friends, reunions, weddings - my life is nothing short of colorful and lively.

I realise that there's nothing lacking in my life - and that I am surrounded with a lot of beautiful and loving people. Despite all my rantings and qualms over how depressing and stressfull my life could have been - I couldn't help but be awed over how happy I looked in each and every photographs.

And how happy all my friends and family are around me.

Perhaps its about time for me to start developing my photos and put it around the house.

Simply to remind me that I am blessed.

And so that I shall not forget about it.


Have a good week ahead peeps. If the blues is hitting you at the moment - perhaps flipping those old photois of yours might take the edge off.


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