Wednesday, November 5, 2014

On fake people

The thing about people can never shut their mouth.

No matter what you do, or whether they know you (or not!), people talk.

Some even louder than the others.

At times, its even competitive sport.

I try my best to be kind to others. Think positive. To not judge. Spread positivity. But sometimes what I do don't matter.

They still judge.

They still talk.

Even when they don't know you.....they find some sort of amusement in talking behind your back, belittling what little you have - trying to justify a lot of things against what things that they think should have had been or had happened.

And there are times when I think I didn't care.

Ok seriously I shouldn't have cared.

But its been a while since I met fake people. The kind that pretends everything is all rosy and dandy in front of you and seriously talk shit behind your back. 


Lets stop pretending la kan - I won't be pissed pun if I had known that person to be such from day 1 - tapi since incident ni macam like kes talam dua muka plus it came from someone who are not first tier friends - I can to think like apa ni....diorang ni takde life ke?

Yang all of a sudden seronok nak put my life under scrutiny?

Anyways, people like these will never be happy as they stomped on happiness of others. So I shall waste my time no more.

I wish you light and may you be bestowed in whatever kind of happiness you deserve.

As for me at least now I know. 

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