Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What's with.....

What's with a name?
To the point that a single name can thrust the heart like a blade
That the very sound of it signals hurt
and potentially fear

Fear of lost
Fear of hurt
Fear of being broken

What's with the heart
That in the very mention of a name started to cry
Despite the fact that it may not mean a thing
The heart simply doubts that it might mean everything
That somehow at the very sound of a name
the heart crumbles
The world that house it shatters

Like sharded pieces of mirrors

To a thousand pieces

What's with hope
That despite the hurt and the fear
Still house faith
And in faith this fragile heart clings

What's with a name?
That name hurts

They say a heart loves when its susceptible of being hurt
But who could have known that all it needs
is one single mention of a name.


Xuriana said...

i kinda can relate to this. :(

nina said...

hey there. its been a long time since the day i met you. where are you right now? i'm missing you..