Monday, December 15, 2014

Movie marathon

I watch a lot of movies last weekend.

And when I say a lot - I meant a lot. On top of the two movies we caught in cinema this weekend, we went home to Horrible Bosses 2, This Is Where I Leave You and One Million Dollar Arm (awesome, must watch!).


Things had been slowing down at work and its the semester break in school. So yeah, I finally get to take a deep breathe and just kick back and relax. Spent the last couple of days of last week (from Wednesday to Friday) clearing up working files, replying pending emails, unclutter my table and do some wedding planning - I just have to say wedding planning is so not for the weak hearted and I don't think I can do it myself but what the heck, I still have about 8 months or so to go and insya-allah, with the help of experienced bride friends who had gone down the isle and manage to pull it off, I suppose I can just scream help and an entourage will come my way.

*Winks. And hoped for the best*

Since I finally get to get a weekend off then I decided to just catch up with Manisnya Cinta di Cappadocia (MCDC) - I wanted to watch it so bad last Thursday anyway - having to choose between that and Paddington and feeling all blue and torn apart after watching the trailer - so I dragged my fiance back to TGV and insisted that he came by and watch it with me.

He agreed. Only if I watch Gone Girl with him.

Okay. No biggie. I'm all game. 

MCDC is so sweet!!!!!

I never read the book, so I came in with no expectation. Lisa and Fazura combo is so sweet, my fiance thought is a bit too much. Lantak la. I was gleefully laughing throughout the movie and that is such a feel good factor. Watching Rafidah on screen as Fazura's bestie brings in good memories from the Gol & Gincu days. And I think kalau Shaheizy Sam takde nak pikat Fazura pun I am still gonna be so into this movie sebab its like an overall good chick flick to watch.

My fiance on the other hand didn't agree. He says the script is not as good as Istanbul Aku Datang and that its such a cliche that Shaheizy Sam must be a pilot.

He can't stop whining about how we girls always think of princes and pilots as our typical Mr Perfect on and on and on till I say time you tulis buku I'll make sure we break the stereotype and make Mr Perfect a doctor, lawyer or an accountant.

For all I know ahli musik pun takpe. Fiction kan.


But then kalau la my fiance ever decide to write a love story that'll be totally something. Knowing him he writes the heavy neo stuff - I belanja orang makan kot kalau all of a sudden he came up with a love story and it suddenly sells.

*oh bite me*

As agreed we watched Gone Girl after. Its a Ben Affleck movie and to tell you the truth, I had reservations. But then surprisingly I enjoyed the show and had fun guessing the the twist in plots.

Who would have known the girl would be psychotic enough to frame the husband for the murder and end up killing her ex and later walking back to the husband and expecting them to start everything all over again?

That's one bitch we should all give credit for meticulous planning and strong determination to get whatever she wants.

Its a very good movie.

Go watch them.

All in all this week is a good week at the movies....I can't wait for the Hobbits on Thursday.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Movie date night

These days, Thursday nights are confirmed movie date nights - thanks to Maybankcards buy 1 free 1 standard seats promo at TGV cinemas (no, this is not an ad, though it might sound like it). Who wouldn't want to pay merely RM14  for 2 tix? Ticket prices are so pricey off late - sometimes I can spend about RM60 per tix (oh yes, kalau kena angin gatal nak tengok jugak wayang when there's no standard/lux seats left and just YOLO and went to Indulge/Gold class) but hey, a girl's gotta save for her big day kan? Every dollar counts, so cheap movie tickets shoots me to the moon and back.


Yesterday I was torn between Manisnya Cinta Di Cappadocia and Paddington. I have to say that I am torn beyond words, its like all of a sudden I am having a "kid having to choose her favourite candy" moment. Sebab I am a die hard fan of both Fazura and Lisa Surihani - I squeal over the thought that both of them are in the same movie. Tak kisah la kalau orang kata movie tu tak best pun tapi kalau both Lisa and Fazura is there I wanna watch them. They are freaking cute. I can overdose on their cuteness and go home a happy girl. On the flipside, the furry bear from my one of my favourite childhood book character is also showing. Who wants to miss the blur old Paddington and Mr Brown's antiques?

I have been singing my marching band nak tengok Paddington the whole day then sampai sampai kat cinema, I'm like "yang, can we watch both movies?"


He looked at me with the heaviest look he ever mustered. Earlier today on the way back from work, I returned to him his work in progress manuscript with some of my thoughts on the book. Well "some of my thoughts" is actually an understatement - I have a bunch of question marks (on top of verbal que's I already asked him the day before when I browsed it next to him) and just for the fun of it, I printed the manuscript in a booklet and flagged all my comments for ease of reference.

Sebijik macam editor.

Berangan la sangat. 

So of course he got curious with all the flags and as we run through each comments, we tried making sense of some of my flagged queries and he got all hyped up to write.


....its Thursday. Its movie night. And I wanna watch Paddington.

*sing song*

And now I wanna do a marathon instead?

Gila ke apa pompuan ni? Esok tak keje?

I tried to give him my "puss-in-boots" kesian look but he kept on saying u gotta choose one.


We bought tickets to Paddington, which was a blast. It's school holidays, so the hall was filled with parents and their children. You can hear kids awe-ing over Paddy and laugh through his strings of clumsiness and unfortunate events. But paddy being paddy he's a lucky old bear. *grin*. There's always a twist that leans his way.

Oh my sungguh seronok being a kid.

It was a good movie. I totally enjoyed it. Both of us had a good laugh.

At the end of the movie he took me back to the concessionaire and said its okay if I want to watch a second movie. By then it's already 11pm, and I didn't feel like waiting for another movie any longer. So we head home.

Not before getting a pair of tickets to next week's screening of the Hobbit.

Finally! The whole middle earth story is coming to and end.

Till then!


Monday, December 8, 2014

Me and Star Wars

The weekend was uneventful.

Since it has been a long week, I spent the last weekend indoors catching up on much needed rest and sleep. I also got to catch up on pending tv series episodes from last week, which is not that much since most of the tv series is on mid-season break for xmas.

I end up doing a Star Wars movie marathon, and we manage to catch up to the end of Episode IV. I was never a big Star Wars fan - ok la, last I remember I watched it when I was a kid and that I am a huge R2D2 and C3PO fan but thats just it - I never remember the story line or made sense of the whole epic battle of the universe and whatnot.

So its natural that I don't even catch Episode I to III at the cinema.

Boohoola kan.

But then my fiance is a huge Star Wars fan.

I remember a couple of days ago he came up and told me to check oout the Episode VII trailer and I was like "okay, let me have a look" and when I did watched the trailer it crossed my mind like "oh crap, tak faham satu benda pun - tau tau semua orang is fighting with each other" which sucks because after 6 movie installments, I should get some storyline and some fun facts besides Annakin Skywalker is cute and Natalie Portman is Queen Amidala.

So I decided to catchup and download all Episode I to VI.

Hooray for technology.

As expected being the blur me I am lost at minute 15 of the first episode and being so impatient over the whole ordeal, start asking tonnes of questions in which somehow mr fiance rajin nak accomodate. Baru last thursday I blogged about his darting questions everytime he watched tv with me - over the last 2 days the table turned and I became the one asking all sorts of questions instead.

Thankfully he's very patient. Heheeh!

After 4 episodes I concluded - oh my he sure knows his Star Wars history. It 's so precise up to the recycling of every set.


Anyways, having him around saved me a lot of time trying to digest everything on my own.


Two more episodes to go before I scream bring it on Episode VII.


My lappy acted up after Episode IV perhaps retaliating that it had too much Star Wars for the week, so we stops and went for Big Bad Wolf.


So the rest kena sambung next weekend la then.

Till then.....may the force be with ya!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

My mocking jay

Whoever knew me would definitely attest to how I am such a freak over movies and tv series - thank God for the existence of torrentz that actually feeds my movies and tv series craze and after all this years, help to keep both my sanity and wallet intact. Otherwise God knows I would be spending a fortune on dvds day in and day out.

It is typical of me to go home after a long day and browse the torrent search list and starts going on a download frenzy - it doesn't matter to me if I'll be watching it straight away or not - if I don't have time I will simply just bundle them all up together for a weekend marathon or something.

Which is utter bliss.

Back when my sister was still single she actually jumped into the same bandwagon - I never had to do any form of sorting or downloading myself, she would maintain a list of movies and tv series to watch/download and when the episodes/movies are up and available, download it and put it on my seeding list.

Which is so convenient. Its like having your own PA.


Now that she's married and all I am back to doing it on my own. 

Sort of like being demoted.


Anyways, my fiance is not very crazy about tv series, albeit being a movie fanatic and all. Plus he's more like a movie connoisseur - whereas I am more like a blocbuster fangirl - so though we both enjoy movie dates, my exposure to movies and films had somewhat expanded to include oldies and award-winning numbers, which usually I don't fancy. Okay la, if its like 10 years a slave tu obviously la i tengok dah kan - but I was never really into Casbalanca or what not. But still, movies are movies....I boleh je layan kan as long as I get to watch my Michael Bays and Jerry Bruckheimers.

Just like he expanded my exposure to films/movies, I expanded his horizons on tv series. The thing about my fiance is that he rarely watch tv series. Selalunya kalau tengok pun malay tv series - in which I don't usually do watch. I'd rather get hooked on korean soaps, in which I try to avoid because they run in at least 200 episodes and they're so addictive. I think the only thing he watches constantly is AF, meletop and maharaja lawak. In which I don't.

So over the past couple of months I have introduced him to my treasure chest of tv episodes and got him to watch Big Bang Theory, 2 broke girls , the vampire diaries and Once Upon a Time successfully. Bahahahaha. Its more like I forced him to watch with me, but I know at least he was watching because he actually put his book down when these shows are on TV. 

The fact that he actually teman me to watch the tv series is not the fun bit. The fun bit was when he has all sorts of questions.

One day while I was chattering away over the Vampire Diaries he went on and asked

"Ni cerita yang mana ni?"

and I replied "Ala yang bloodsucking vampire tu"

Which made him confused when I talk about the Originals and he went "apa...ada lagi cerita vampire lain?"

And I went "yeah - tapi dia cerita sama sebab related"

Dah aku kena explain dekat 5 season cerita asal and 2 season cerita spinoff.

I felt like talking to Tina but then Tina totally gets it and I am not sure whether he gets it or he does it out of whim just to keep me company and make me chatter away.

Last Monday we watched Once Upon a Time and he starts picking interest over the characters and I spent an hour answering to messed up fairy tale stories.

"kenapa dia cari penulis buku tu?"

"dia nak tukar ending villain jadi happy"

"siapa yang pakai baju biru tu?"

"dia elsa dari frozen"

"kenapa belle kahwin dengan rumplestilskin?"

"sebab rumplestilskin tu beast"

"kenapa semua orang kunci diri dalam penjara?"

"sebab ada curse nak datang nanti buat semua orang bunuh sesama sendiri"

"Mana tau curse nak datang?"

"itu awan kaler purple"

"sape rambut pendek macam tomboy tu?"

"dia snow white"

"kenapa snow white muka macam tomboy?"


Okay, I can imagine nanti kalau I have kids macam mana.

Again, I don't know if this is his way of mocking me.


But then I am not deterred.

Let's keep the episodes coming.


Monday, December 1, 2014

Stretched thin

There comes a point of time when we stretch ourselves so thin, we are bound to flex/bounce back like a rubber band because we humans are only built to a certain extreme and such - we are never at a 100% capacity.

Life has been cray cray lately - a lot of changes, plus workload and study load combined is just a biatch. Sigh. The days when I come to question myself "what the hell am I doing  [fill in the blank] " comes more and more frequent - sigh, to a point that I felt like I am a tad ungrateful with what I have and already gone through.

Bad bad bad.

Did I lose all my zen when I slow down with yoga this past month?


Gotta start reflecting on myself and learn acceptance. I suppose I gotta calm down, this stress is pointless and not taking me anywhere.


Tell that to everyone else.


Too bad being stretched thin doesn't actually make me thin.


30 days to the end of the year and its T-22 to flyday. So just hang in there!