Monday, December 8, 2014

Me and Star Wars

The weekend was uneventful.

Since it has been a long week, I spent the last weekend indoors catching up on much needed rest and sleep. I also got to catch up on pending tv series episodes from last week, which is not that much since most of the tv series is on mid-season break for xmas.

I end up doing a Star Wars movie marathon, and we manage to catch up to the end of Episode IV. I was never a big Star Wars fan - ok la, last I remember I watched it when I was a kid and that I am a huge R2D2 and C3PO fan but thats just it - I never remember the story line or made sense of the whole epic battle of the universe and whatnot.

So its natural that I don't even catch Episode I to III at the cinema.

Boohoola kan.

But then my fiance is a huge Star Wars fan.

I remember a couple of days ago he came up and told me to check oout the Episode VII trailer and I was like "okay, let me have a look" and when I did watched the trailer it crossed my mind like "oh crap, tak faham satu benda pun - tau tau semua orang is fighting with each other" which sucks because after 6 movie installments, I should get some storyline and some fun facts besides Annakin Skywalker is cute and Natalie Portman is Queen Amidala.

So I decided to catchup and download all Episode I to VI.

Hooray for technology.

As expected being the blur me I am lost at minute 15 of the first episode and being so impatient over the whole ordeal, start asking tonnes of questions in which somehow mr fiance rajin nak accomodate. Baru last thursday I blogged about his darting questions everytime he watched tv with me - over the last 2 days the table turned and I became the one asking all sorts of questions instead.

Thankfully he's very patient. Heheeh!

After 4 episodes I concluded - oh my he sure knows his Star Wars history. It 's so precise up to the recycling of every set.


Anyways, having him around saved me a lot of time trying to digest everything on my own.


Two more episodes to go before I scream bring it on Episode VII.


My lappy acted up after Episode IV perhaps retaliating that it had too much Star Wars for the week, so we stops and went for Big Bad Wolf.


So the rest kena sambung next weekend la then.

Till then.....may the force be with ya!

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