Friday, December 12, 2014

Movie date night

These days, Thursday nights are confirmed movie date nights - thanks to Maybankcards buy 1 free 1 standard seats promo at TGV cinemas (no, this is not an ad, though it might sound like it). Who wouldn't want to pay merely RM14  for 2 tix? Ticket prices are so pricey off late - sometimes I can spend about RM60 per tix (oh yes, kalau kena angin gatal nak tengok jugak wayang when there's no standard/lux seats left and just YOLO and went to Indulge/Gold class) but hey, a girl's gotta save for her big day kan? Every dollar counts, so cheap movie tickets shoots me to the moon and back.


Yesterday I was torn between Manisnya Cinta Di Cappadocia and Paddington. I have to say that I am torn beyond words, its like all of a sudden I am having a "kid having to choose her favourite candy" moment. Sebab I am a die hard fan of both Fazura and Lisa Surihani - I squeal over the thought that both of them are in the same movie. Tak kisah la kalau orang kata movie tu tak best pun tapi kalau both Lisa and Fazura is there I wanna watch them. They are freaking cute. I can overdose on their cuteness and go home a happy girl. On the flipside, the furry bear from my one of my favourite childhood book character is also showing. Who wants to miss the blur old Paddington and Mr Brown's antiques?

I have been singing my marching band nak tengok Paddington the whole day then sampai sampai kat cinema, I'm like "yang, can we watch both movies?"


He looked at me with the heaviest look he ever mustered. Earlier today on the way back from work, I returned to him his work in progress manuscript with some of my thoughts on the book. Well "some of my thoughts" is actually an understatement - I have a bunch of question marks (on top of verbal que's I already asked him the day before when I browsed it next to him) and just for the fun of it, I printed the manuscript in a booklet and flagged all my comments for ease of reference.

Sebijik macam editor.

Berangan la sangat. 

So of course he got curious with all the flags and as we run through each comments, we tried making sense of some of my flagged queries and he got all hyped up to write.


....its Thursday. Its movie night. And I wanna watch Paddington.

*sing song*

And now I wanna do a marathon instead?

Gila ke apa pompuan ni? Esok tak keje?

I tried to give him my "puss-in-boots" kesian look but he kept on saying u gotta choose one.


We bought tickets to Paddington, which was a blast. It's school holidays, so the hall was filled with parents and their children. You can hear kids awe-ing over Paddy and laugh through his strings of clumsiness and unfortunate events. But paddy being paddy he's a lucky old bear. *grin*. There's always a twist that leans his way.

Oh my sungguh seronok being a kid.

It was a good movie. I totally enjoyed it. Both of us had a good laugh.

At the end of the movie he took me back to the concessionaire and said its okay if I want to watch a second movie. By then it's already 11pm, and I didn't feel like waiting for another movie any longer. So we head home.

Not before getting a pair of tickets to next week's screening of the Hobbit.

Finally! The whole middle earth story is coming to and end.

Till then!


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