Monday, December 15, 2014

Movie marathon

I watch a lot of movies last weekend.

And when I say a lot - I meant a lot. On top of the two movies we caught in cinema this weekend, we went home to Horrible Bosses 2, This Is Where I Leave You and One Million Dollar Arm (awesome, must watch!).


Things had been slowing down at work and its the semester break in school. So yeah, I finally get to take a deep breathe and just kick back and relax. Spent the last couple of days of last week (from Wednesday to Friday) clearing up working files, replying pending emails, unclutter my table and do some wedding planning - I just have to say wedding planning is so not for the weak hearted and I don't think I can do it myself but what the heck, I still have about 8 months or so to go and insya-allah, with the help of experienced bride friends who had gone down the isle and manage to pull it off, I suppose I can just scream help and an entourage will come my way.

*Winks. And hoped for the best*

Since I finally get to get a weekend off then I decided to just catch up with Manisnya Cinta di Cappadocia (MCDC) - I wanted to watch it so bad last Thursday anyway - having to choose between that and Paddington and feeling all blue and torn apart after watching the trailer - so I dragged my fiance back to TGV and insisted that he came by and watch it with me.

He agreed. Only if I watch Gone Girl with him.

Okay. No biggie. I'm all game. 

MCDC is so sweet!!!!!

I never read the book, so I came in with no expectation. Lisa and Fazura combo is so sweet, my fiance thought is a bit too much. Lantak la. I was gleefully laughing throughout the movie and that is such a feel good factor. Watching Rafidah on screen as Fazura's bestie brings in good memories from the Gol & Gincu days. And I think kalau Shaheizy Sam takde nak pikat Fazura pun I am still gonna be so into this movie sebab its like an overall good chick flick to watch.

My fiance on the other hand didn't agree. He says the script is not as good as Istanbul Aku Datang and that its such a cliche that Shaheizy Sam must be a pilot.

He can't stop whining about how we girls always think of princes and pilots as our typical Mr Perfect on and on and on till I say time you tulis buku I'll make sure we break the stereotype and make Mr Perfect a doctor, lawyer or an accountant.

For all I know ahli musik pun takpe. Fiction kan.


But then kalau la my fiance ever decide to write a love story that'll be totally something. Knowing him he writes the heavy neo stuff - I belanja orang makan kot kalau all of a sudden he came up with a love story and it suddenly sells.

*oh bite me*

As agreed we watched Gone Girl after. Its a Ben Affleck movie and to tell you the truth, I had reservations. But then surprisingly I enjoyed the show and had fun guessing the the twist in plots.

Who would have known the girl would be psychotic enough to frame the husband for the murder and end up killing her ex and later walking back to the husband and expecting them to start everything all over again?

That's one bitch we should all give credit for meticulous planning and strong determination to get whatever she wants.

Its a very good movie.

Go watch them.

All in all this week is a good week at the movies....I can't wait for the Hobbits on Thursday.

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