Thursday, December 4, 2014

My mocking jay

Whoever knew me would definitely attest to how I am such a freak over movies and tv series - thank God for the existence of torrentz that actually feeds my movies and tv series craze and after all this years, help to keep both my sanity and wallet intact. Otherwise God knows I would be spending a fortune on dvds day in and day out.

It is typical of me to go home after a long day and browse the torrent search list and starts going on a download frenzy - it doesn't matter to me if I'll be watching it straight away or not - if I don't have time I will simply just bundle them all up together for a weekend marathon or something.

Which is utter bliss.

Back when my sister was still single she actually jumped into the same bandwagon - I never had to do any form of sorting or downloading myself, she would maintain a list of movies and tv series to watch/download and when the episodes/movies are up and available, download it and put it on my seeding list.

Which is so convenient. Its like having your own PA.


Now that she's married and all I am back to doing it on my own. 

Sort of like being demoted.


Anyways, my fiance is not very crazy about tv series, albeit being a movie fanatic and all. Plus he's more like a movie connoisseur - whereas I am more like a blocbuster fangirl - so though we both enjoy movie dates, my exposure to movies and films had somewhat expanded to include oldies and award-winning numbers, which usually I don't fancy. Okay la, if its like 10 years a slave tu obviously la i tengok dah kan - but I was never really into Casbalanca or what not. But still, movies are movies....I boleh je layan kan as long as I get to watch my Michael Bays and Jerry Bruckheimers.

Just like he expanded my exposure to films/movies, I expanded his horizons on tv series. The thing about my fiance is that he rarely watch tv series. Selalunya kalau tengok pun malay tv series - in which I don't usually do watch. I'd rather get hooked on korean soaps, in which I try to avoid because they run in at least 200 episodes and they're so addictive. I think the only thing he watches constantly is AF, meletop and maharaja lawak. In which I don't.

So over the past couple of months I have introduced him to my treasure chest of tv episodes and got him to watch Big Bang Theory, 2 broke girls , the vampire diaries and Once Upon a Time successfully. Bahahahaha. Its more like I forced him to watch with me, but I know at least he was watching because he actually put his book down when these shows are on TV. 

The fact that he actually teman me to watch the tv series is not the fun bit. The fun bit was when he has all sorts of questions.

One day while I was chattering away over the Vampire Diaries he went on and asked

"Ni cerita yang mana ni?"

and I replied "Ala yang bloodsucking vampire tu"

Which made him confused when I talk about the Originals and he went "apa...ada lagi cerita vampire lain?"

And I went "yeah - tapi dia cerita sama sebab related"

Dah aku kena explain dekat 5 season cerita asal and 2 season cerita spinoff.

I felt like talking to Tina but then Tina totally gets it and I am not sure whether he gets it or he does it out of whim just to keep me company and make me chatter away.

Last Monday we watched Once Upon a Time and he starts picking interest over the characters and I spent an hour answering to messed up fairy tale stories.

"kenapa dia cari penulis buku tu?"

"dia nak tukar ending villain jadi happy"

"siapa yang pakai baju biru tu?"

"dia elsa dari frozen"

"kenapa belle kahwin dengan rumplestilskin?"

"sebab rumplestilskin tu beast"

"kenapa semua orang kunci diri dalam penjara?"

"sebab ada curse nak datang nanti buat semua orang bunuh sesama sendiri"

"Mana tau curse nak datang?"

"itu awan kaler purple"

"sape rambut pendek macam tomboy tu?"

"dia snow white"

"kenapa snow white muka macam tomboy?"


Okay, I can imagine nanti kalau I have kids macam mana.

Again, I don't know if this is his way of mocking me.


But then I am not deterred.

Let's keep the episodes coming.


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Xuriana said...

Kaz sounds like my kids all right, hahahaha...