Monday, December 1, 2014

Stretched thin

There comes a point of time when we stretch ourselves so thin, we are bound to flex/bounce back like a rubber band because we humans are only built to a certain extreme and such - we are never at a 100% capacity.

Life has been cray cray lately - a lot of changes, plus workload and study load combined is just a biatch. Sigh. The days when I come to question myself "what the hell am I doing  [fill in the blank] " comes more and more frequent - sigh, to a point that I felt like I am a tad ungrateful with what I have and already gone through.

Bad bad bad.

Did I lose all my zen when I slow down with yoga this past month?


Gotta start reflecting on myself and learn acceptance. I suppose I gotta calm down, this stress is pointless and not taking me anywhere.


Tell that to everyone else.


Too bad being stretched thin doesn't actually make me thin.


30 days to the end of the year and its T-22 to flyday. So just hang in there!


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