Thursday, January 29, 2015

Is this caffeine withdrawal??

Who could resist morning coffee??

Obviously that person is not me.


I remember the cold winter mornings in Paris when I was awaken by the smell of freshly brewed coffee from the room next door. The smell of hot fresh press (though I doubt its anything complicated but something that comes out of a stick) fills the cold air like sun fills the morning sky. Absolutely refreshing. Reminds me of how I miss brewing my own cup of coffee (yes, I make my own coffee a few years back and carry them to work in one of my many novelty flask that's collecting dust in my kitchen now) and how much I love the smell to linger.


Which brings me to the fact that I made a pact with Shaz to quit coffee for a bit in the name of beauty.

Why say you?

The thing is I (again) am trying to lose weight. (old news but yeah!). One of my main culprit is coffee. The exact culprit is the coffee that my friendly office tealady made for me religiously twice a day. Not that I am complaining, I need my caffeine shots. Its crucial when I need to get my work done pronto. But the thing is twice a day is a bit much la kan? And we are not talking about black coffee here - there a generous amount of sugar and milk too - condensed milk (scream now!). So yeah....there you go - culprit.

Secondly I have been experiencing extreme dry skin recently. My face is peeling (in this weather) and its not a good sight. I rasa macam I ada melanin deficiency something and I can feel skin peeling off at the jawline. Perhaps I am dehydrated - so am taking more water but then I don't think consuming coffee would help.

Plus I am thinking of trying collagen stuff and to consume those stuff apparently you have to quit coffee.

I can not go cold turkey.


So here I am at 11am gulping as much H20 as possible and caffeine deprived.

This is my sort of last resort since I tried a bunch of creams this past 2 weeks and its not helping much. Sure, my skin is not peeling as bad but then after 2 weeks of slathering potions and still having dry skin (which is so not me because I am more of a oily to combination kind) is not a good sign.

Lets see how this all will pan out. Hopefully things will get better.

Its one more day to the long weekend!!!!! 

Usually I will be psyched! Who wouldn't? 4 straight days of holidays! But I am still broke from my recent trip (entah bila la nak recover...) so macam sedih la sebab maybe I will end up just staying at home doing nothing, which is a huge bummer.


Anyways, I hope you guys have a good long weekend.


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mamabeauty said...

takes vit c and e for your skin n a lot of water intake