Monday, January 26, 2015

Lets start the week with some positivity....

Oh my, its a sunny morning its so hard to stomach the fact that its Monday!


I don't know why but I felt my energy level to be up, up and up. I suppose I'm psyched to finally start dieting again - it's already past 3 weeks since new year and I am still on the bingeing bandwagon. I added a couple of extra belts on my stomach (thanks to my dearly beloved's extremely neat cooking skills - sigh, who can refuse a good home cooked meal? And to have it like all the time? Sigh...too much, too much!). This has got to stop.


Threw away last year's desk calendar to the bin and skimming through my new one and trying to figure out when I can fit some time for gym and yoga. I have to admit that exercising takes time and I somehow has this fear that my fiance wont understand the time spent. Well he's kinda introvert - exercising is not exactly his thing. Trust me - I dah ajak dia okay to come with me a couple of times tapi jangan mimpi la - he lost weight effortlessly I think God is somewhat unfair okay.


Plus gotta jungle work with exercise this coming february. As always, I usually gain weight from February to April because of the long working hours-lack of exy time- and severe lack of sleep routine but then with the wedding coming up I gotta get a grip and break the cycle. Gila la okay aku dah overweight sekarang ni lepas tu I pile up lagi this next 3 months - tak sempat ok nanti nak look good even though puasa bulan 7 ni.

Sobs. Yeah losing weight's a bitch.

But then its always fun to have others do it together.

So mari lose weight beramai-ramai.


Okay now gotta work on that new running playlist for later.

Ciao and have a good weekend ahead.

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