Monday, January 26, 2015

The thing about old flames....

Any of you read the news today?

*hoho tetiba je cerita pasal news kan....tak pernah pernah!!!*

Well to tell you the truth I felt the need to catch up with current events since I need a to make a turning point in the near future (okayla, perhaps not so near in the future but I wanna keep my options open for the time being....hence, gotta read the papers) but then being me kalau baca papers pun nak baca business section tu memang agak payah la (because seriously, lambat nak digest sometimes. penat) in which is not a good thing but hey.....have hopes people, I still do read them. I'll get there. Heheheh.


...what caught my eye today is an article of a 69 year old englishmen hunting down his ol'flame through an article which came up at one of the front pages - definitely beats boring GST articles.

In the article the guy (Holbrook) met Fiona (aka Wan Jamilah - orang dulu pun ada nama glamer okay, who would have thought Jamilah could turn into Fiona? This is not a shrek movie okay) while he was serving in the army and apparently their engagement was cut short after he got transferred for dating a local.

Omg Fiona ni agak sexxayyy! Phewwit!

Okay melampau di situ. Lets behave here.

Since then he never married. Now he's back (after 3 decades) to reconnect because she is the love-of-his-life. Since she's no longer living at her old place (he checked them out 9 years ago - zilch!), so he's getting the public's help to track her down.


But then why la come back after more than 3 decades?

If its true love then why take so long??



At first thought I felt "omg, romanticnye the whole story" but then to come to think of it, isn't it a bit selfish? Like seriously, you got disengaged for a while know haven't it crossed your mind that perhaps she had settled down and have a family of her own because you tau la org dulu dulu bukan macam kita sekarang ni - onyang i kawin masa she's 8 years old and bless her soul she had 4 husbands before she was laid to rest.

God bless her soul.

Plus zaman sekarang with FB and all takkan la tak jumpa fiona ni online....

But the who knows. Maybe they are destined to be together and this is a step forward.

I suppose God's knows best.

Talking about old flames I don't believe a relationship can work if you have been disconnected for a long time. Of course, you have history together and you once loved each other, but despite all odds, I think if it doesn't work the first time, try as you may it would never work the second, third, fourth or the hundreth time around. Because people change, and when you re-kindle relationships we tend to have a set of pre-expectations engraved from the past in which may be unrealistic or no longer valid given our personal evolvement.

No matter how good that person looks and feels ok. 

Apa lagi yang dah 3 decades apart.

Well holbrook, best of luck though. I sincerely feel that even if you find this girl of yours she will break your heart but perhaps its better knowing than settle with the fact that she's the one that got away.

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