Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Apa ni????

Its a sunny tuesday morning. The AC in the office is forever chilled - as if trying its level best to match the weather in UK and the sun shone right through the windows reminding the rest of us that no- its no winter. Its smacking hot out there. Go to work.

My schedule is kinda laid back all morning - having most of my to do list crossed by the time I leave the office yesterday. I had high hopes in hitting the gym later so I've packed my gym bag for my after work run. Such blissful thoughts. Sekali nanti around 5pm dapat kerja. Macam tak biasa. Lepas tu miss the gym run. Semua tinggal angan-angan.


And since I have some free time I decided to pay some bills. Oh my, dah dekat tengah bulan la kan baru nak bayar bil. Memang sengaja tempah maut. I think my home wifi has been temporarily disconnected - menggelupur la sekejap kan since nowadays all the tv series dah start balik. If I don't have wifi nanti tak boleh download!!! So no can do, ini soal hidup mati ni. I can live with not going to the movies for a while but please do not stop my access to free movies and tv series - nanti naik tak betul nanti.

So alkisahnya I have been trying to get into the unifi website all morning but......with no success.

Apa ni???

Asyik dc je. Lepas tu kena log in balik. Then it takes ages to generate the bill in which nanti dc lagi halfway then the whole cycle starts again - tak pernah la nak sampai kat page "PAY BILL".


Nanti tak bayar complain.

Sobs.Nak bayar pulak tak boleh.


I am giving up. Later je la.

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