Thursday, February 19, 2015

CNY at work

Happy Chinese New Year Peeps!

I have been stressed out, cranky and moody since the past 3 days and despite today being the CNY hols, I am currently stuck at work because of my annual year end deadline crunch so here I am - finally succumbing to a slice of black forest cake while trying to figure out my work related algebras.

I love my algebras but there's just too much of number crunching and formula figuring since last Monday I am sort of burnt out.


Added to my stress eating list today is a slice of roti canai, two nescafe tarik, a bottle of coke and a bag of ruffles (which is just screaming to be opened right about now).


Not that I am hungry in any way. No sir. I am very much full. Hunger does not demand all this sugar, salt and carbs - stress does.

I still have quite a long list to do. I have been trying to look at the brighter side by parcelling my "to-do"list in small post its - they say if you take it in bite-size pieces it might just be more bearable hence we can get things done much faster but ho ho ho - no. It's not helping. Bite size pieces or not I keep on adding more post its and end up re-arranging the post its in order of priority again and again and again.

I might just go post it crazy.

It doesn't take that long though to gush down the whole slice of black forest cake.


Okay hate it if I crush people's holiday mood so I am signing off. Hope your day is way better than mine.


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