Monday, February 23, 2015

Here's to celebrating my loves

How was your long weekend?


Was at work on Thursday - god bless that most of the stuff I need to do was done on Thursday itself so I get to have Friday to Sunday off. Not that bad huh? But I was really body is somehow not working with me this round. I am starting to have my insomnia episodes - my eyes wide open at midnight, having trouble sleeping or stay in bed at night....the long hours making me emotionally and mentally tired. Sometimes I wish I can just drop everything and hide in some remote island without a single care to the world but then all those tinggal mimpi je la.


Tried to catch up with some yoga but my body prefers sleep more.

Here's a snap at YOTIW new studio in Saville.

As always - that studio is awesome.

Its huge with lots of space and the sun beams through the window with so much love. But of course I love the DP studio more - YOTIW DP is like home. For the past half year it has been a solitude that I am ever so grateful for. I wish I could spend more time there. Practice more. My fiance always say that I am more zen when he first met me (oh yes, when we first met I spend almost every day at the DP studio) - now I am just a huge chunk of mess. Sigh. But then he did add on that despite all odds he loves me anyway. Hehehehe. So huge mess or zen'ed out - either way he's in for keeps.

*fly to the moon*

Too bad I missed the workshop last weekend. It would have been fun. But its okay - another month till everything settles down at work and then I can get back to my normal yoga routine - hopefully back to my 4 times a week practice before my long hiatus in November.


And since I didn't have to work on Friday, I manage to catch my girlfriend's birthday party at Kokopelli's on Friday night.

Remember the chill babes?

It's raf and shaz's birthday celeb last Friday and of all theme parties its princess themed. Hence the princess cake, the princess hat and whistleblowers. The kids (not ours) were ecstatic....the moment the cake were out the guest list expanded immediately to include the whole restaurant - suddenly it didn't feel formal but so homey - macam buat kat rumah. Everyone in the restaurant sang the birthday song and they get to blow the candles twice because the kids (not ours) insisted that wanted to blow candles too.


I knew them for 10 years now and its crazy like that every time. Obviously being stressed all week/month made me walk in the party with frown lines and a downside loop on my face but look at the pics - I had a good time no?


Here's to another 10 or 20 years,


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