Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Holla Paris.....

 8 weeks back at a corner of Avenue Des Champ Elysees...

No I'm so not lost!

In fact - Paris was like home.

I love that city.

After 5 days of shopping in cold London, setting foot in Paris is like heavensent. We manage to find lots of good food, among my fav is the grilled salmon bagutte we found at the winter bazaar along Champs Elysees itself and the nutella waffles that you can basically find everywhere in Paris.


And of course, more coffee. Lots of macarons (now my favourite, I use to not quite get the fad over macarons till I get a taste of it at Laduree, Paul and Pierre Hermee) and pastries (apple pie, tiramisu, pan au chocolat) . I can not seem to get enough of everything. I can still find Pret-A-Manger, but of course - I give in to local cafes to chill while waiting for my partner in crime to shop.

Yeah, halfway through the visit I decided to just sit at a corner and read a good book while sipping cappucinos. So parisian I tell you.

Pics to come. Most of it is with Shaz anyway.


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