Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Oh that addiction to apple products.....

Last weekend was pretty horrid. Dah la penat because I worked late all week, weekend kena kerja tambah lagi pulak dengan an unexpected circumstance yang seriously makes me cringe - I can't believe how my week can get any worse.


The highlight of my weekend is the death of my "barely-alive" iphone 4 which serves as my back up for the diving Iphone5.  Patah kaki sekejap. I can't really live without my iphone. The last 4 months on the Iphone4 pun I am barely surviving - such a pitiful state of being for me sebab Iphone tu habis berplaster sana sini after it hit the floor super hard when I touched down at CDG Paris.

In some way Iphone tu is like me ....broken. Worn. Beyond pre-loved.

Sape la yang nak sayang aku ni weyh?


And so with tears I buried it away - and jumpstart my backup BB curve I kept for travelling. Its been merely two days on BB and now I am itching to get the new Iphone 6.


Dah la I'm saving money for the wedding. For once I felt like just going on impulse and get the new phone coz seriously, my life macam down gila with limited access to instagram, FB and twitter - tambahan lagi no access at all to my itunes playlist. Macam dah tak bermakna.

Still contemplating. Not sure if its the right thing to just spend the savings.


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