Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New beginning

Happy Ramadhan everyone.

I have been taking my own sweet time transitioning into my new role. My last week in my prior workplace was cool...I managed to smoothly hand over my work, pack my bags and say goodbye to everyone a day before my last day because of my company's AGM. Its been a tradition that AGM day is usually the most laid back day since for the past 3 years - its good to get the chance to bid my farewell in person with people I have been working with over good food and conversation.


I have to confess that I almost felt a tad sentimental whilst giving my farewell speech to the department. Despite all odds they felt like family. It was nice of them to get me an IKEA gift card - will definitely put it to good use in the future.

Whilst everyone is expecting for me to get a couple of days (perhaps weeks) off before I start at a new place, I didn't even bother to unpack my stuff and started at the new office the next day. Within the same week I dragged my old stationeries (even my green froggie coin box) and unpacked them at my new (ehhhmm, sort of previously owned by me too) desk.

Dejavu much?

Hahahahah. Yeah.

Within the blink of an eye I was buzzing around the office reconnecting with familiar faces and before you know it, it's like I never left.

In a way being back gave me a tad of relief. Not that the workload will be any different - work is work....it can pile up as we speak - but at least I get to work at a pace I am comfortable at. No more worrying not knowing about ad-hoc jobs. Not that I am complaining la. But too much ad-hoc jobs is not a good thing too. Plus the hours are more friendly. 

*Jangan aku tetiba bosan sudah. Yes, I know. Mengada la sangat*

But so far it has been good. Thank heavens it has been providing me with the escape I need from my emotional roller coaster. Focusing on work is always a good thing.

Now back to my to do list. 

Less than an hour to go before closing time. Till later. xo!


Drama Queen said...

Good Luck in your new workplace!

Zuraida said...

Thanks drama queen!