Monday, September 7, 2015

Do you spotify? me la ketinggalan zaman ke whatever but I recently dabbled with spotify and gosh I love it way better than my AppleMusic.


Apple traitor.


Anyways my friend had been buzzing about this app since last year ad being an apple hardcore fan I said nah.....I can live without but omg they have way cooler playlist than AppleMusic in which buat I sangat la berbelah bahagi.


I don't know why but the playlist macam plays exactly the right music for work or play. Tak payah susah susah fikir nak create playlist sendiri or be stuck with one particulr singer - which I usually do when I'm on AppleMusic sebab the playlist macam to say? Dunno. But whatev's, with spotify I can also click jazz or house and omg in minutes I'm already grooving.

*major love*

Harus la tak lama lagi aku unsubscribe AppleMusic tu. And just keep whatever I have.

Oh its playing Selena Gomez's "Good For You". :). Now lets find that on Smule and try karoke over it.