Sunday, February 14, 2016

HAppy V Day y'all!

Its Valentines Day and I am showing some love to my work by being at the office on a Sunday. Not that its anything abnormal considering that I have been clocking in weekends at work over the past couple of weeks over tight year end deadlines. But all is good. Hopefully this will be the last weekend at work this year end routine and starting next week all schedule goes back to normal.

I was so tired I spent the whole day in bed yesterday. I woke up late past noon and pulled my bed covers and watch TV in bed all day - except for the hour I took to have lunch outside and the other hour I went out to grab coffee with Tina. Oh my I need to get a life. MY back is aching like hell, thanks to being rooted to the chair and lack of exercise this past week. I keep on telling myself that all this will be over soon and I can take all the time in the world to again stretch my back and ease of the pain but then again the next day the whole story is still in gear 5 and I am still rooted to the same old chair.


Then again this is the final week. Crossing my fingers. All things good the papers will fly by mid next week and there will be a new normal.

Got to keep on staying positive.

Another hour at work and I am clocking out. Ageing is a bitch. Working too hard aint helping. I can see my face sagging and the my eyes keep sinking deeper and deeper. I practically age overnight everyday. At some point make up cant help anymore.

So not cool.

So let make the next hour count.


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