Thursday, August 18, 2016

Think more positive.

I technically almost forgot my own blog address - nampak sangat dah lama tak blogging. Well I had been through quite a bit this past few months and being the mature me blogging about negativity seems so passe - no point sharing all the negative conondrums and infecting people with my moody drama - so I decided to maintain my silence and just keep on to myself.

Which has been ok la for a while. To tell you the truth even when I am all quite people were talking behind my back. Hmm - perhaps its called for, but what the heck la. If I over think all this I will get even more depressed, so screw them. Why must I let others affect me?

Ke manakah pergi my don't care don't mind attitude?

I have to say that this past year my confidence level is seriously burnt to the ground. I have to admit, I lost myself in the process. But then I have been thinking, perhaps I should bring back some good things I did in the past that may do good for me.

Like being nice. Like not caring too much and over thinking.

Like blogging.

Yeah, blogging gave me an outlet to vent out - but I think it also gave me an outlet to reach out to so many people out there and share good stuff that I go through day to day too. Because I think I write good stuff too - and good stuff brings good karma points.

So here's to writing more positive stuff!!!

hip hip hooray!!!.

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