Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Its been ages since I wrote any reviews no? Well lets do better this year. *wink*

Anyways, are you guys into scarves? Well I'm not exactly the hijab donning type but I gotta admit I have quite a collection. Perhaps one day when I do have a crib with super nice walk in wardrobe I get to organise them all nicely. For now they are all still stacked in boxes and nicely kept in its original wrappers till once in a blue moon I get the urge to take them out for use. 

Like today, I get to don my Duck Fluff in Cream Puff to work because the zakat people is dropping by the office. It just seem proper.

Well true to its title, one of my fav brand will be Duck Scarves. Not just because its a fashion thing - duh I have other too. Its just that some of their designs its just so irresistable, I gotta admit its a crime to simply ignore it. I love the material as well, and the fact that its so simple yet elegant. 

Especially the new world map limited edition scarves.

Its like love at first sight.


For the first time I actually took the time to que for the scarves. Of course, the que was horrendous. With lots of unhappy people complaining about a lot of things - like the crappy online service, the fact that some shoppers charge extra and others willingly pay the excess, people cutting ques, people unhappy with the wait - yet, the moment they enter the store, all is forgotten and each customer came out brimming with smiles.

Heheheh. They forget too fast and too soon.


I wasn't complaining. I wanted the stuff, so no point complaining. If I'm not up for it then I won't be there. 


Anyways - I am up to 10 ducks so far - quite a collection for someone who doesn't wear it on a daily basis. 

Well I think I'll be unboxing my new world map later tonight. Maybe even insta live. Then dance like a lil girl that just got candy.



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