Thursday, May 11, 2017

If you have nothing nice to say, best to not say anything at all

Susah nak jadi orang baik ni.......banyak dugaan. *grin*. When you want to be nice to people there is always the challenge that people wont be not so nice to you - then because people treat you not so nice you end up carut orang tu melampau pulak. Memangla, there is always this thing called exercising patience. But then patience have limits, and to err is human, so end up there are times when patience is thin.

I would like to believe that everyone is generally good people. Berfikir baik la. I believe I am lucky because all this while I get to meet kind souls that are super nice. They are not only kind but also very positive to a point that their positivity is  infectious. Which is a good thing. Being surrounded with positive and happy people makes me a positive and happy people too.

But lately macam terexpose with lots yang tak berapa positive sangat.

Which sucks.

What the hell happened to the world?

Tetiba rasanya aku yang selama ni duduk dalam bubble. Aku kah delusional?

I refuse to believe that there is joy in being a jerk or a bitch - and that smirk across your face when you look down at people ain't gonna make you any prettier/handsomer/greater at all. I don't understand what's so funny about making fun of someone else's physical appearance or shortcomings because hey, life is a wheel my friend - bila kat bawah tu tau la pulak rasa susah macam mana kan.

Why can't you say nice things?

Hell yeah, if you have nothing nice to say - why don't you just shut up?


Nanti orang tak nice lagi kang complain la pulak.......