Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Back to work post raya holidays

Cuti tak lama - just took the standard public holidays and here I am, back to work on the 4th day of Hari Raya. Not that its anything out of norm. I usually let my colleagues take some extra day off after Hari Raya so that they can spend some time with their family. I'll claim mine one day when I have my own nucleus family - for the time being, I let others have their turn for a change.

I am grateful because this year I get to spend with my family back in Kuala Pilah for the first day of Raya, I have to admit I was a tad emotional inside because its the first raya without my mom. We get to the family cemetery after all the formalities are done in the early morning. It was my first time going back to my mom's grave after the funeral. It was quite a relief to see that its well tended to. There's a bit of growth here and there but nothing extreme - like some others. I felt a certain pang of sadness in my gut and said to myself I should make some time to come home more often. But then its not a good thing to dwell over it, I believe my mom wont want me to be sad.

My sister is heavily pregnant with her firstborn and I bet you think I must be joking because from the look of it, its like takde beza pun. Hahahaha. You should see her belly, Its super huge! Its like she's carrying a melon. I suddenly look thin in comparison. Well I am not that thin la. Berat sama je,

We get to visit a couple of relatives and by 2pm we're already back home all tired and sleepy. Slept till later when suddenly heavy rain fell and we are awaken to move our cars because its suddenly flooding where we parked. Oh yes, julung-julung kalinya la kampung aku yang panas kemarau tu hujan sampai banjir. Bertabah je la nak.

Here's a pic from where we use to have the tangga batu at my grandparents - tangga batu no more now tinggal that boring old sofa tempat lepak bila balik kampung.I kinda miss that tangga batu - but after my nenek renovated the upper part of the old house to lay flat on the ground, the tangga batu serves no purpose any longer. Except for tempat annual photoshoot - in which I think nenek I feels like its no longer necessary.

To some who are still on leave - enjoy the holidays! I'll be moving house on Friday so there's tonnes of packing to do. Sigh. Penat dah weyh - nasib baik la my husband so understanding dia tolong packkan everything, Barang dia 2 bag je. Barang aku 3 lori. Heheheehhe.


Friday, June 23, 2017


Its the last working day before Hari Raya and I just have to say no one is in the mood to work. I have been feeling  nauseous all morning - so lagi la takde mood kan. My hair was terrible. Rasa macam kena langgar bas. So I decided to just take some time to go to the salon and had a wash and blow sesh during the lunch break.

Thank heavens I did.


I went out feeling like a million bucks. Suddenly it felt like a huge weight was lifted and I was all happy and chirpy with my newly washed hair.

Tapi by the the time I masuk ofis balik tetiba moody balik.


Takpe la, less than an hour left to go before we call it a day and the long weekend awaits.


Selamat Hari Raya everyone. Maaf zahir batin. Have a safe journey!


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Emergency fan problem....

My car had been acting up lately. The first time I saw red temperature blinking lights on my driver dashboard was last week on the way back from picking up my legal documents from Putrajaya. At first I thought its just out of water, so we refilled and moved on. Yesterday, whilst stuck in a jam on the way home after work, the same red blinking lights appeared and I suddenly went bonkers. I have a really bad feeling about it. Part of me is worried that my car might suddenly combust in the middle of rush hour traffic. Who knows what overheating can do. I was praying really hard for a safe journey home.

Thank God all was okay. But since its Ramadhan most workshops are closed quite early. So I decided to drop by the workshop early this morning instead.

Well thank heavens I didn't wait another day longer. Found out that my fan was no longer functioning, hence the overheating and the red blinking lights. It will take a day for the repairs to be done since they need to order the parts - and since the car is already in the workshop I got it serviced as well since it'll be due for servicing next 2 weeks anyway. 

The downside to it all is the cost of repairs. Sigh. With the moving house and new rental deposit (and raya, ehem ehem!) I definitely felt the pinch. Dah la masa baru nak kawin haritu I had to repair my engine mounting and lower arm as well which cost me an arm and a leg. 


Takpe la. Whatever it is safety comes first. Better be safe than sorry. All else hopefully will eventually work out.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Let's glitter this Raya!

Raya is just around the corner, how time flies - in a blink of an eye Ramadhan is almost over. I'm sure everyone is excited making final preparations for Hari Raya itself - making sure that everyone dress to their tee's, food ready for relatives who popped by, raya packets filled with new notes for the young ones. Its my first year celebrating as a wife, I think I have gone a bit overboard making sure my husband has a matching baju raya. Eventhough I know it doesn't matter. But what the heck. We didn't get to do it every day so takpe la.

While baju raya hunting last weekend I popped by Sereni & Shental store at Publika (coz I am so in love with their pearls and gemstone bracelets) and found out they have a new set of goodies in store.

Lo and behold....Bowerhaus's Diamond and Pearl Collection!

*all pictures are courtesy of Bowerhaus website - you can check them out if you're interested by clicking the link* 

When I first laid eyes on them I was in awe. The collection was so pretty!!!! It was simple and so chic and it immediately screams my name.


I love the faberge bracelet (top pic) and the eye bracelet (next pic) which I immediately has a mental picture being next to my watch on raya morning.

You can layer it out with the tennis bracelet or simply use the bracelet on its own, your pick. For those who have been eyeing a tennis bracelet for day use but didn't wish to break a bank to get the one, here's a more affordable option.

If you want to splurge - do get the matching faberge earrings and necklace and make them a whole set. I gotta say they are simply divine. Pair it with a simple baju kurung moden and you're good to go - leave some imagination to the in laws to grow envy on how pretty it is.

I don't usually wear long necklaces but I do adore bracelets a lot - so since its my birthday too on Sunday, so what the heck! hahahah! (again, with the wth's). The string looks delicate so it'll make the wearer look demure (ehem ehem) but worry not it comes with a lifetime warranty so you can always get them serviced if anything happens. That one thing I like about bowerhaus, the after sales service. I always got my pearl and gemstones re-strung and cleaned after a whilea and it always makes me happy when they fix them and make them look all brand new. So far I am never dissapointed. My most beloved and treasured bracelet is the gold rutilated quartz godmother bracelet - its my biggest pride and joy.

The gold rutilated quartz was love at first sight for me. The gold dust makes my eyes glistened with joy since the first time I laid eyes on it - and since it was a bit pricey compared to the rest of the other gemstones it took me a while before I actually got one for myself. But never had I regretted having it - it's my favourite bracelet to date and I wore it diligently almost every single day. It comes in 3 sizes and the bracelet can go between RM300 to RM1,800 per piece, depending on the size. If you love pearls, they have it mixed with baroque pearls as well.

So I suppose I am all set on the accessories department next week.


What about you guys?


Friday, June 16, 2017

Crazy Rich - China Rich - Rich People Problem : Addictive and funny at the same time I just can't get enough!!!!

This past couple of weeks I have reconnected with a long lost hobby - reading and watching K-dramas. Those korean actors are such a cutie pie it breaks my heart every time....tak kisah la tengah senyum ke, marah ke. Oh my, awat la comel sangat ni!!!! So I can not tahan. Ini semua salah streaming via gomovies yang suck to the max lately so I  end up not getting my usual dose of tv series. 


So there was a hype about Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asian and how its turning into a big Hollywood movie so I decided since I haven't had a good chic lit in a while, I must at least read a copy (there's 3 now!) before it turns into a movie and ruins all the reading goodness because they cramped everything into a 2-hour long movie....because seriously, when it comes to all the juicy details of society gossip, how can you cramp everything to 2 hours long??

So I walked into Boarders and got these....

*pic courtesy of*

......all 3 copies.

Which is ambitious. I sometimes only read a book halfway, got tired and abandoned everything (especially when there's a movie in the works - like the Lords of the Ring or Game of Thrones) but what the heck, I haven't utilise this year's RM1k tax allocation for books yet so I am just gonna go ahead and spoil myself. But what do you know, it was a huge treat.

I can't take my hands off the book!!! I finished all 3 books within 6 days. Woots! Record broken ting ting ting! The last book I manage to finish took about a week - and that was not even chic lit, it was a Tara Stiles yoga health book. Hahahah. How I have grown! I read serious stuff these days.

Crazy Rich Asian tells the story of Rachel Wu who fell in love with a history professor who turned to be from one of Asia's richest families (and when we talk rich, we're talking mega rich with billions worth of property, cash and other assets! The less than 1% of asia's population here people!) and the challenges of walking into the super rich circle. You think rich people don't care about money when they have so much but trust me only Mark Zuckerberg does that, or maybe Bill Gates. In all 3 books you can gorge on super level bickering, backstabbing, scheming and manipulating - and it cames within the same 4 wall of a huge mansion. Bahahahah! It was such a fun read I am peeling my eyes of my eyeballs.

Spoiler alert, thank God that its also a good love story and like every good love story, love prevails. All the bitches bow down, and like every fairytale, the princess lived happily ever after. Along the process, get ready to be woed with big dreams of luxury and splendour where money was never and object/issue. So hell yeah its a modern day fairytale. At least for me it is. It's like reading Sleeping Beauty as a 10 year old. I am totally swept way by the splendour, at a point, hated the villains and was cursing under my breath, and at the end, wept. Especially in rich people problem. I wept. I realised that even the toughest of tyrant has a soft spot, and the family reconciliation is so comforting.

And I just have to say that the characters were funny too!!! 

Now I can't wait for the movie itself!!!

I heard the cutie pie Henry Golding is being cast as Nick Young, the main character, and boy you're so fine! Michelle Yeoh is in the cast as well, that is definitely a must la kan , she's a huge asian star and she's one pf asian rich herself.  My only blergh moment is when I read that Gemma Chan was casted as Nick's cousin Astrid Leong who's supposed to be this breathtaking beauty but when I saw the photo I'm like what???? Why la???? You can't get Shu qi or Zang Ziyi is it? 


But hopefully a whole lot of makeup and hollywood stylist can turn her into something. Lets not just give up yet with the power of Hollywood.

So, if you're contemplating whether you should read the book, stop. Just do it already.

Have a good weekend peeps!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

My travelling kaki.

Its been a while since I posted any of my travel photos. Bila kemalasan nak update blog melanda itu la gamaknya. Not that there are no photos, there are tonnes!!! You know me la kan. Kalau travel tu beribu ribu gambar snap. Yang senget benget pun simpan.

Kalau iphone tu full je mula la menggelabah. Because I rarely carry my cam anymore. I relied fully on iphone. Senang tak payah transfer- transfer. Then I can upload my pics instantly to instagram or fb. Which I do most of the time. Those who follow me on instagram would definitely have seen some (or maybe all) of this pics before.

For the past couple of years my husband has been taking me around Malaysia a lot - so I get to see more of my country. Hahahaha. Over kan statement. Macam jauh la sangat pergi kan sampai keluar statement "get to know more of my country". :P. Anyways there's truth in that. I barely cover all of the states in Malaysia - the only saving grace I had before to claim I had travelled a lot locally is simply because I studied in so many places. I never really explored each and every place as I should.

So this guy took me on a bunch of road trips over the past 2 years - and we had been to all the local states except for Kelantan, Perlis, Sabah and Sarawak.

We spent days on the road and we drove from south to north and back (sampai Singapore) and we stopped at all the nice places to eat and take photos and laze by the beach.

He even layan my yoga phototaking crazy even though I know there are times when he's embarrased that I flip myself upside down or in weird compromising position in public.


Whats not to love?

He also layan me when I wanna take nonsense shots yang konon-konon ala macam photog shots.

The one on top is from our visit to Ipoh's famous Jalan Kong Heng.

I love Ipoh. That place is so quaint yet so hipster. Its slow yet not too slow. I can just sit back and relax with a good cup of coffee and cake. There's so many nice cafe's to choose from I literally wish I am there longer every single time.

Plus I enjoy staying at M Boutique hotel. Its so cozy, after a few trips it felt like home. 

This one was from our last visit to Pulau Pangkor, We had a day trip - we parked at Lumut and took a boat ride to Pangkor Island in the morning. When we arrived, we had lunch and rented a motorbike and took it for a spin around the island.

One thing about my husband is that he'd take me for bike rides on island trips. I remember loving it so much when I was in Bali with him that I didn't really mind bike rides anymore when I am on holidays. Sure, its hot but you get to feel the air and and the wind and taste the salty beach taste as you take the ride - its just heart lifting.

After a while of travelling together he got better at taking my yoga photos. It got so good I created a whole new yoga instagram account just to show it off. Hehehehehe. Everytime he's not with me I start comparing his photos and the photos I had and went "awww, why can't be here????"


Yeah I trained him well. So well now I must have him around. Otherwise my yoga photos will take twice the time to get a decent shot.

Sometimes he makes me take some sappy photos like this one....

I know i know, you guys will go like "awwww...that so sweet......" but not having a third person to actually take the photo with you sometimes pose a challenge. 

Especially when you try to take the photos on a jetty then you got scared your phone might fall into the sea.


This selfie is more like me.


Easy to take. Zero chance of losing my phone.


Having him travel with me sometime allow him to witness new milestones in my life. Like the first time I can ever push myself into a wheel pose. He took that photo. Bravo bravo. And because he was in shock that I manage to do that it took him like ages before he click the button. Geez. I remember screaming "dah ke belum????? Cepat la!!!!" in the middle of the empty courtyard. Thank God it was early and the place was empty. Otherwise orang mesti be like "apa la perempuan gila ni buat??"

Don't worry - nobody was hurt during the process. I was okay. Hehehehe.

Don't mid that look of his. Dia memang cenggitu.


Happy iftar people. Its almost the weekend - it'll be a long one because of Nuzul Quran holidays. Have fun!

On laksa cravings......

I love favourite being laksa utara. I look forward to bazar ramadhan every year just to hunt for the perfect laksa. I love it when its thick and abundant - the kind when you pour in a bowl and you can smell the deep fish taste.

But this year's bazar ramadhan does not entice me.Well, it still has a lot to offer - a variety of food for pickings but I have yet to found a place that sells promising laksa. Or maybe my eyes are just playing tricks on me. But then my sight was never wrong when it comes to laksa. I usually judge the laksa by the way it looks first to just validate it through taste second. So far none has passed my sight test except........Shasha's home-cooked laksa.

Hahahahah. I know. Its homecooked. How could it ever compare!!!!


Anyways Shasha invited me and a few friends over for iftar last weekend because she's cooking laksa and wants us to test it. She's an amazing cook - I love her asam pedas and kari kepala ikan - so how can her laksa ever go wrong eh??  She start being all humble saying that we should bring our own food just in case her laksa doesn't work out but then hey, who is she kidding here?? Its impossible la that she will get it wrong!

Ho yeah I have a lot of faith in her cooking. Well her cooking is better than mine so of course I have faith in her.

But I came with murtabak and some kuih just to add to the menu. I tried murtabak raja a couple of days before and it taste quite okay, so I brought those. Don't wanna bring no nonsense food on the table la kan - mesti la nak enjoy chatting over good food.

Shasha's laksa is perfect! The gravy is super thick and its a balance of soury goodness I had 4 shameful bowls.Hahahahah! Yeah 4 bowls! Time tu memang tak tau malu la. Buat tebal je. Kalau nak request selalu memang tak dapat la.

Fastforward to yesterday the husband wanted to have laksa. We went to Penchala's bazar ramadhan, checked out a couple of stores that sells laksa and tawaf the whole place 4 times. We came home with two packs of laksa but at the end.....

.....hmmm, I still prefer Shasha's laksa.


Ko bukak kedai la sha, kasi aku datang beli. 0>-<0 .="" p="">

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

On being a self-confessed Garfield

I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately. I am tired all the time. It felt as if I never got enough rest despite getting more than 10 hours of sleep daily. I hate having to move an inch  - if possible I want to just sit in a spot and never move the whole day. Perhaps I don't get that much quality sleep, despite the total hours that sums up beyond the normally required 8 hours a day. It felt even worse than those day when I barely had sleep at all when I have the periodic migraine attacks and gastritis.


I hope all this is temporary, because my back aches like hell too. The previous pain from a slip disc at the C4 to C6 vertabrae seems to have frequent revisits lately. I have stopped physio and alternative therapy for about 8 months now. I finally gave in to the pain and went back to Samkyaa at Bangsar for a treatment session yesterday.

It was a relief. I doze of for an hour while the therapist massage my shoulder and rubbed hot oil to my back. 

I felt a bit better today, but the pain has yet to subside.

I hope this shall pass soon. Can't whine and stay a baby for too long.

Silver lining to all that is having a husband who loves to cook! Grin! I must have done something right because God gave me a husband who feeds me when  I am a sack of tired ball at home and too lazy too move. I can be a Garfield myself sometimes, poor guy. Since we got married I didn't lift a single pan citing tonnes of excuses but he patiently bought groceries and cook me the most delicious meals to fill my lazy ass stomach.

I hope one day I can return the favor by cooking just as nice.


Thanks to him my gastritis in in check - because he makes sure I eat on time.

Now please just don't make me fat(ter!).

Monday, June 5, 2017

Changes changes changes

This past 6 months had been a roller-coaster. It felt like yesterday that I had just lost my mom - and for a while I was grief-stricken and slightly withdrawn. Work is usually hectic in the first 2 months of the year - so it was not so obvious that I was grieving. It took a while and a whole lot of stress before I actually got over it. I am okay now. But I still miss my mom from time to time.

Things got a lot better after the work peak somewhat toned down. I get to get some time off, then I got married. Its such a spur of the moment decision for both of us despite already being engaged for a while and we decided to just have a small ceremony in KL - since I am not local (technically I am from Negeri Sembilan) , so I had quite a challenging time getting my wedding papers sorted out. But I suppose jodoh tu ada, the whole process, despite being challenging, was somewhat eased. We got a lot of help and support from family and close friends. Alhamdullillah, I am finally wedded to someone who love me to bits. *grin*. Yeah yeah, boleh la cakap macam tu kan sebab I baru kawin - honeymoon phase mesti la lovey dovey loving to bits sampai abis.....but I have hopes that this will last and all this good things that came with the marriage will not deter, it will get better over time. Insya-allah. 

So people asked - how is married life?

There's definitely a lot of adjustments. And compromise. I am not saying that my routine shifted 360 degrees since I got married, but there is definitely a lot of changes. I try to get home earlier from work. I reprioritise my needs and wants to include another person. I believe I am less selfish. I am more cautious in spending. I try to save a little bit more money in case of rainy days.

I think I grew up a couple of years more mature.


I am moving out of the house I am renting in PJ to be closer to the family in Ampang. It will be a tad emotional for me to move out. Kalau boleh I wanna stay where I am for another decade. I have been staying at the same place since 2007 - that's like a decade of hoarding memories and things in one spot. 

Many say I don't have to move if I don't want to. But the commute between the inlaws and home is tiring and costly. I better just move within the area so that I can spend more time at home resting.  The traffic in KL had already taken 2 hours of my living daylight just to go to/back from work - I don't want to spend another 2 hours commuting between home and in-laws at least 3 times a week. After a while its just exhausting, Its only been a month and I am already exhausted. You see what I mean??

In one hand I am excited to move to a new house - it'll be landed with bigger space, bigger kitchen, more rooms - but I dread having to pack my things and box them up for the move out. My friends told me to just hire movers - but I have this thing about helpers. Not that I don't trust them (ehmmm, maybe a bit of I don't trust them ) but I like knowing where I put my stuff and getting things done myself. I hate it later on if I got help to clean/pack/etc I might not find my clothes/jewelleries/books/etc at places where I expected them to be. I am a sort of an organised mess myself  - only I can rumble through the mess I made in perfect sync. Third party help or presence will only disrupt my balance. So best they stay clear of my things.

Unless they're perfect mind readers. Then they're welcome anytime.


Till later. Ciao!