Monday, June 5, 2017

Changes changes changes

This past 6 months had been a roller-coaster. It felt like yesterday that I had just lost my mom - and for a while I was grief-stricken and slightly withdrawn. Work is usually hectic in the first 2 months of the year - so it was not so obvious that I was grieving. It took a while and a whole lot of stress before I actually got over it. I am okay now. But I still miss my mom from time to time.

Things got a lot better after the work peak somewhat toned down. I get to get some time off, then I got married. Its such a spur of the moment decision for both of us despite already being engaged for a while and we decided to just have a small ceremony in KL - since I am not local (technically I am from Negeri Sembilan) , so I had quite a challenging time getting my wedding papers sorted out. But I suppose jodoh tu ada, the whole process, despite being challenging, was somewhat eased. We got a lot of help and support from family and close friends. Alhamdullillah, I am finally wedded to someone who love me to bits. *grin*. Yeah yeah, boleh la cakap macam tu kan sebab I baru kawin - honeymoon phase mesti la lovey dovey loving to bits sampai abis.....but I have hopes that this will last and all this good things that came with the marriage will not deter, it will get better over time. Insya-allah. 

So people asked - how is married life?

There's definitely a lot of adjustments. And compromise. I am not saying that my routine shifted 360 degrees since I got married, but there is definitely a lot of changes. I try to get home earlier from work. I reprioritise my needs and wants to include another person. I believe I am less selfish. I am more cautious in spending. I try to save a little bit more money in case of rainy days.

I think I grew up a couple of years more mature.


I am moving out of the house I am renting in PJ to be closer to the family in Ampang. It will be a tad emotional for me to move out. Kalau boleh I wanna stay where I am for another decade. I have been staying at the same place since 2007 - that's like a decade of hoarding memories and things in one spot. 

Many say I don't have to move if I don't want to. But the commute between the inlaws and home is tiring and costly. I better just move within the area so that I can spend more time at home resting.  The traffic in KL had already taken 2 hours of my living daylight just to go to/back from work - I don't want to spend another 2 hours commuting between home and in-laws at least 3 times a week. After a while its just exhausting, Its only been a month and I am already exhausted. You see what I mean??

In one hand I am excited to move to a new house - it'll be landed with bigger space, bigger kitchen, more rooms - but I dread having to pack my things and box them up for the move out. My friends told me to just hire movers - but I have this thing about helpers. Not that I don't trust them (ehmmm, maybe a bit of I don't trust them ) but I like knowing where I put my stuff and getting things done myself. I hate it later on if I got help to clean/pack/etc I might not find my clothes/jewelleries/books/etc at places where I expected them to be. I am a sort of an organised mess myself  - only I can rumble through the mess I made in perfect sync. Third party help or presence will only disrupt my balance. So best they stay clear of my things.

Unless they're perfect mind readers. Then they're welcome anytime.


Till later. Ciao!


f.i.e.z.a said...

haluuuu kak zue.
seronok baca entry pasal baru kawen ni hehee
well, last time masa fza pindah hari tu, kitorang hired movers and they were really good handling our things and setiap box dorang tulis whats inside so bila unpack tu senang. baju almari mana, brg dapor semua lah.
selamat berpindah kak zue :D

Zuraida said...

hi fieza!!!

lama tak balas balas komen ni :)

well i suppose taht can work out, tapi biasalah, oranga da trust issue ni mmg susah sikit nak ksai orang pegang barang dia. heheh. besides, nanti end up aku jugak yang stress, so buat sendiri je la.


maybe one day.