Friday, June 16, 2017

Crazy Rich - China Rich - Rich People Problem : Addictive and funny at the same time I just can't get enough!!!!

This past couple of weeks I have reconnected with a long lost hobby - reading and watching K-dramas. Those korean actors are such a cutie pie it breaks my heart every time....tak kisah la tengah senyum ke, marah ke. Oh my, awat la comel sangat ni!!!! So I can not tahan. Ini semua salah streaming via gomovies yang suck to the max lately so I  end up not getting my usual dose of tv series. 


So there was a hype about Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asian and how its turning into a big Hollywood movie so I decided since I haven't had a good chic lit in a while, I must at least read a copy (there's 3 now!) before it turns into a movie and ruins all the reading goodness because they cramped everything into a 2-hour long movie....because seriously, when it comes to all the juicy details of society gossip, how can you cramp everything to 2 hours long??

So I walked into Boarders and got these....

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......all 3 copies.

Which is ambitious. I sometimes only read a book halfway, got tired and abandoned everything (especially when there's a movie in the works - like the Lords of the Ring or Game of Thrones) but what the heck, I haven't utilise this year's RM1k tax allocation for books yet so I am just gonna go ahead and spoil myself. But what do you know, it was a huge treat.

I can't take my hands off the book!!! I finished all 3 books within 6 days. Woots! Record broken ting ting ting! The last book I manage to finish took about a week - and that was not even chic lit, it was a Tara Stiles yoga health book. Hahahah. How I have grown! I read serious stuff these days.

Crazy Rich Asian tells the story of Rachel Wu who fell in love with a history professor who turned to be from one of Asia's richest families (and when we talk rich, we're talking mega rich with billions worth of property, cash and other assets! The less than 1% of asia's population here people!) and the challenges of walking into the super rich circle. You think rich people don't care about money when they have so much but trust me only Mark Zuckerberg does that, or maybe Bill Gates. In all 3 books you can gorge on super level bickering, backstabbing, scheming and manipulating - and it cames within the same 4 wall of a huge mansion. Bahahahah! It was such a fun read I am peeling my eyes of my eyeballs.

Spoiler alert, thank God that its also a good love story and like every good love story, love prevails. All the bitches bow down, and like every fairytale, the princess lived happily ever after. Along the process, get ready to be woed with big dreams of luxury and splendour where money was never and object/issue. So hell yeah its a modern day fairytale. At least for me it is. It's like reading Sleeping Beauty as a 10 year old. I am totally swept way by the splendour, at a point, hated the villains and was cursing under my breath, and at the end, wept. Especially in rich people problem. I wept. I realised that even the toughest of tyrant has a soft spot, and the family reconciliation is so comforting.

And I just have to say that the characters were funny too!!! 

Now I can't wait for the movie itself!!!

I heard the cutie pie Henry Golding is being cast as Nick Young, the main character, and boy you're so fine! Michelle Yeoh is in the cast as well, that is definitely a must la kan , she's a huge asian star and she's one pf asian rich herself.  My only blergh moment is when I read that Gemma Chan was casted as Nick's cousin Astrid Leong who's supposed to be this breathtaking beauty but when I saw the photo I'm like what???? Why la???? You can't get Shu qi or Zang Ziyi is it? 


But hopefully a whole lot of makeup and hollywood stylist can turn her into something. Lets not just give up yet with the power of Hollywood.

So, if you're contemplating whether you should read the book, stop. Just do it already.

Have a good weekend peeps!

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