Monday, June 19, 2017

Let's glitter this Raya!

Raya is just around the corner, how time flies - in a blink of an eye Ramadhan is almost over. I'm sure everyone is excited making final preparations for Hari Raya itself - making sure that everyone dress to their tee's, food ready for relatives who popped by, raya packets filled with new notes for the young ones. Its my first year celebrating as a wife, I think I have gone a bit overboard making sure my husband has a matching baju raya. Eventhough I know it doesn't matter. But what the heck. We didn't get to do it every day so takpe la.

While baju raya hunting last weekend I popped by Sereni & Shental store at Publika (coz I am so in love with their pearls and gemstone bracelets) and found out they have a new set of goodies in store.

Lo and behold....Bowerhaus's Diamond and Pearl Collection!

*all pictures are courtesy of Bowerhaus website - you can check them out if you're interested by clicking the link* 

When I first laid eyes on them I was in awe. The collection was so pretty!!!! It was simple and so chic and it immediately screams my name.


I love the faberge bracelet (top pic) and the eye bracelet (next pic) which I immediately has a mental picture being next to my watch on raya morning.

You can layer it out with the tennis bracelet or simply use the bracelet on its own, your pick. For those who have been eyeing a tennis bracelet for day use but didn't wish to break a bank to get the one, here's a more affordable option.

If you want to splurge - do get the matching faberge earrings and necklace and make them a whole set. I gotta say they are simply divine. Pair it with a simple baju kurung moden and you're good to go - leave some imagination to the in laws to grow envy on how pretty it is.

I don't usually wear long necklaces but I do adore bracelets a lot - so since its my birthday too on Sunday, so what the heck! hahahah! (again, with the wth's). The string looks delicate so it'll make the wearer look demure (ehem ehem) but worry not it comes with a lifetime warranty so you can always get them serviced if anything happens. That one thing I like about bowerhaus, the after sales service. I always got my pearl and gemstones re-strung and cleaned after a whilea and it always makes me happy when they fix them and make them look all brand new. So far I am never dissapointed. My most beloved and treasured bracelet is the gold rutilated quartz godmother bracelet - its my biggest pride and joy.

The gold rutilated quartz was love at first sight for me. The gold dust makes my eyes glistened with joy since the first time I laid eyes on it - and since it was a bit pricey compared to the rest of the other gemstones it took me a while before I actually got one for myself. But never had I regretted having it - it's my favourite bracelet to date and I wore it diligently almost every single day. It comes in 3 sizes and the bracelet can go between RM300 to RM1,800 per piece, depending on the size. If you love pearls, they have it mixed with baroque pearls as well.

So I suppose I am all set on the accessories department next week.


What about you guys?


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