Thursday, June 8, 2017

My travelling kaki.

Its been a while since I posted any of my travel photos. Bila kemalasan nak update blog melanda itu la gamaknya. Not that there are no photos, there are tonnes!!! You know me la kan. Kalau travel tu beribu ribu gambar snap. Yang senget benget pun simpan.

Kalau iphone tu full je mula la menggelabah. Because I rarely carry my cam anymore. I relied fully on iphone. Senang tak payah transfer- transfer. Then I can upload my pics instantly to instagram or fb. Which I do most of the time. Those who follow me on instagram would definitely have seen some (or maybe all) of this pics before.

For the past couple of years my husband has been taking me around Malaysia a lot - so I get to see more of my country. Hahahaha. Over kan statement. Macam jauh la sangat pergi kan sampai keluar statement "get to know more of my country". :P. Anyways there's truth in that. I barely cover all of the states in Malaysia - the only saving grace I had before to claim I had travelled a lot locally is simply because I studied in so many places. I never really explored each and every place as I should.

So this guy took me on a bunch of road trips over the past 2 years - and we had been to all the local states except for Kelantan, Perlis, Sabah and Sarawak.

We spent days on the road and we drove from south to north and back (sampai Singapore) and we stopped at all the nice places to eat and take photos and laze by the beach.

He even layan my yoga phototaking crazy even though I know there are times when he's embarrased that I flip myself upside down or in weird compromising position in public.


Whats not to love?

He also layan me when I wanna take nonsense shots yang konon-konon ala macam photog shots.

The one on top is from our visit to Ipoh's famous Jalan Kong Heng.

I love Ipoh. That place is so quaint yet so hipster. Its slow yet not too slow. I can just sit back and relax with a good cup of coffee and cake. There's so many nice cafe's to choose from I literally wish I am there longer every single time.

Plus I enjoy staying at M Boutique hotel. Its so cozy, after a few trips it felt like home. 

This one was from our last visit to Pulau Pangkor, We had a day trip - we parked at Lumut and took a boat ride to Pangkor Island in the morning. When we arrived, we had lunch and rented a motorbike and took it for a spin around the island.

One thing about my husband is that he'd take me for bike rides on island trips. I remember loving it so much when I was in Bali with him that I didn't really mind bike rides anymore when I am on holidays. Sure, its hot but you get to feel the air and and the wind and taste the salty beach taste as you take the ride - its just heart lifting.

After a while of travelling together he got better at taking my yoga photos. It got so good I created a whole new yoga instagram account just to show it off. Hehehehehe. Everytime he's not with me I start comparing his photos and the photos I had and went "awww, why can't be here????"


Yeah I trained him well. So well now I must have him around. Otherwise my yoga photos will take twice the time to get a decent shot.

Sometimes he makes me take some sappy photos like this one....

I know i know, you guys will go like "awwww...that so sweet......" but not having a third person to actually take the photo with you sometimes pose a challenge. 

Especially when you try to take the photos on a jetty then you got scared your phone might fall into the sea.


This selfie is more like me.


Easy to take. Zero chance of losing my phone.


Having him travel with me sometime allow him to witness new milestones in my life. Like the first time I can ever push myself into a wheel pose. He took that photo. Bravo bravo. And because he was in shock that I manage to do that it took him like ages before he click the button. Geez. I remember screaming "dah ke belum????? Cepat la!!!!" in the middle of the empty courtyard. Thank God it was early and the place was empty. Otherwise orang mesti be like "apa la perempuan gila ni buat??"

Don't worry - nobody was hurt during the process. I was okay. Hehehehe.

Don't mid that look of his. Dia memang cenggitu.


Happy iftar people. Its almost the weekend - it'll be a long one because of Nuzul Quran holidays. Have fun!

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