Wednesday, June 7, 2017

On being a self-confessed Garfield

I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately. I am tired all the time. It felt as if I never got enough rest despite getting more than 10 hours of sleep daily. I hate having to move an inch  - if possible I want to just sit in a spot and never move the whole day. Perhaps I don't get that much quality sleep, despite the total hours that sums up beyond the normally required 8 hours a day. It felt even worse than those day when I barely had sleep at all when I have the periodic migraine attacks and gastritis.


I hope all this is temporary, because my back aches like hell too. The previous pain from a slip disc at the C4 to C6 vertabrae seems to have frequent revisits lately. I have stopped physio and alternative therapy for about 8 months now. I finally gave in to the pain and went back to Samkyaa at Bangsar for a treatment session yesterday.

It was a relief. I doze of for an hour while the therapist massage my shoulder and rubbed hot oil to my back. 

I felt a bit better today, but the pain has yet to subside.

I hope this shall pass soon. Can't whine and stay a baby for too long.

Silver lining to all that is having a husband who loves to cook! Grin! I must have done something right because God gave me a husband who feeds me when  I am a sack of tired ball at home and too lazy too move. I can be a Garfield myself sometimes, poor guy. Since we got married I didn't lift a single pan citing tonnes of excuses but he patiently bought groceries and cook me the most delicious meals to fill my lazy ass stomach.

I hope one day I can return the favor by cooking just as nice.


Thanks to him my gastritis in in check - because he makes sure I eat on time.

Now please just don't make me fat(ter!).

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