Thursday, June 8, 2017

On laksa cravings......

I love favourite being laksa utara. I look forward to bazar ramadhan every year just to hunt for the perfect laksa. I love it when its thick and abundant - the kind when you pour in a bowl and you can smell the deep fish taste.

But this year's bazar ramadhan does not entice me.Well, it still has a lot to offer - a variety of food for pickings but I have yet to found a place that sells promising laksa. Or maybe my eyes are just playing tricks on me. But then my sight was never wrong when it comes to laksa. I usually judge the laksa by the way it looks first to just validate it through taste second. So far none has passed my sight test except........Shasha's home-cooked laksa.

Hahahahah. I know. Its homecooked. How could it ever compare!!!!


Anyways Shasha invited me and a few friends over for iftar last weekend because she's cooking laksa and wants us to test it. She's an amazing cook - I love her asam pedas and kari kepala ikan - so how can her laksa ever go wrong eh??  She start being all humble saying that we should bring our own food just in case her laksa doesn't work out but then hey, who is she kidding here?? Its impossible la that she will get it wrong!

Ho yeah I have a lot of faith in her cooking. Well her cooking is better than mine so of course I have faith in her.

But I came with murtabak and some kuih just to add to the menu. I tried murtabak raja a couple of days before and it taste quite okay, so I brought those. Don't wanna bring no nonsense food on the table la kan - mesti la nak enjoy chatting over good food.

Shasha's laksa is perfect! The gravy is super thick and its a balance of soury goodness I had 4 shameful bowls.Hahahahah! Yeah 4 bowls! Time tu memang tak tau malu la. Buat tebal je. Kalau nak request selalu memang tak dapat la.

Fastforward to yesterday the husband wanted to have laksa. We went to Penchala's bazar ramadhan, checked out a couple of stores that sells laksa and tawaf the whole place 4 times. We came home with two packs of laksa but at the end.....

.....hmmm, I still prefer Shasha's laksa.


Ko bukak kedai la sha, kasi aku datang beli. 0>-<0 .="" p="">

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