Friday, October 20, 2017

The one with being gloriously pregnant!

Did you know that I am pregnant??



Okayla - for those who have been following my instagram and FB account would have known about it aeons ago, because I have been quite on the down low about it. Not that that I am not happy that I am pregnant immediately after hgetting hitched, its just that the whole process has been quite a challenge for me in the first place. Hence, the hiatus. Plus there's nothing much to rant about these days.....

Well how has it been you might ask?


For starters, there's a lot of changes. Physical, mental, emotional - you name it. Sometimes its just so overwhelming I got dumbstruck. There are some ups which was fun (like when you get to scan the baby and go all googly eyed over that little thing growing inside you) and there are also downs but I have to say my downs are quite hmmm - a lot - to a point that sometimes I doubt it when all my mom friends tell me how "magical" being pregnant is. They seem to obviously enjoy it - whilst I have this 50-50 feeling of mixed joy and dread. Sigh. Not that I am ungrateful - we feel so blessed to have this bundle of joy this soon. Perhaps its a challenge because I am not that young anymore - I am in mid 30's and not at my fittest/best health so obviously the level of energy is low. The first couple of months have been tiring so I slept and slept and slept like all around the clock.

I also struggled with gastritis and my acute sinusitis - the past month being the worst of all because of the excessive pghlem build up and flu - i end up coughing for about 3 weeks and became besties with the my toilet bowl - alternating between vomitting and excessive peeing due to poor bladder control. I have to do laundry every 5 days because I ran out of clothes in lightning speed for the past month.Its both humiliating and depressing going through the whole ordeal.

At my lowest point, which can occur every other week or so - I end up crying for being such a loser. Don't ask why - I just felt like one.

Other than that all is good I suppose.The baby seems to be quite a happy baby because despite being cranky and sad I am also easily amused and I can laugh immediately in between tears. That's cray cray - I am never like that. I'm quite a passionate person  and when it comes to emotion - when I cry I cry a hurricane katrina. I am obviously showing more now but for the past couple of months nobody even noticed my tummy - I look only I gained weight a bit. Not that its a bad thing. I don't want excessive gain because that is so not a good news for overweight people like me.


Anyways its Friday. Have a good one y'all! Till then! xoxo.

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Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah. Congratulations!