Monday, November 30, 2020

New Norm

When I was still a student, doing accounting was an easy feat because to me rationalising the dual entries was an easy feat. I believe that anybody who has the skill to do simple math and logic will be able to understand accounting. Being an accountant is not really a tough choice to make since I love doing simple maths and I didn't foresee my life being dreadful every morning waking up to it.

Yeah, my goal in life was pretty simple. Wake up everyday to something that makes you live a happy life.

Fastforward 2 decades later I realised that being a pro accountant was not as simple as understanding double entries. There's definitely more to it as you climb up the corporate ladder, and it goes beyond understanding simple maths and logic. 

For example, I hate accounting systems. Not that I hate using it, nah as a user everyone loves having a system that can do all the number crunching and saves time so you can do the thing that matters - understand whats behind the numbers and make informed decisions to improve the company's bottom line or achieve a certain goal. What I dread most is project managing automation - the behind the scene work of making the system happen and the complicated logics behind it. As a student I hated computer science 101 - the basic accounting to automation class that introduce the basic system and how you use them, or create them. Bleergh. It was such a dread, I remember wishing I could skip the class every single day. 

But I braved it through. Being in management now, I have to work on automation on top of the routine work I do - simply because things move faster, resources are scarce, and we need to upskill people beyond mundane task so we need to let the computers do these jobs so people can do things that are more impactful.

With Covid - this suddenly becomes a priority.

I see my company automate the way we do work overnight, Within the first month Covid came into the picture - the fight to enable working online happens with a blink of an eye - a fight I saw my bosses fought endlessly throughout the year suddenly materialise. People now show the capability to work without the need of being physically present in the office. Meetings are done and captured with the use of discussion platforms such as Teams, GoogleMeet and Zoom. Cyber security heightened, trust to systems is developed.

And with that - more automation.

As much as I welcome the new norm and the flexibility that comes with it, I foresee that the coming year will again push me to work beyond my comfort zone. Sometimes I feel like I am already getting too old for all this, and that things are moving too fast for me to a point that sometimes I feel a bit lost. But hey, if Tun M can still keep up with Malaysian politics at the age of 90, who am I too complaint about change right?

Change shouldn't be a bad thing. Perhaps if we exercise balance and caution - things can work in our favor. Covid is still at large - everyone's remain vigilant. Soon it'll be year end closing again - and it will bring everything up to test again.

Hopefully we will all stride with excellence.

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